The CoolSculpting: A New Slimming Method

You have tried everything to lose weight and fight fat, but nothing has worked for the moment?

It may be as you have not yet tried the cool sculpting, literally the modeling by the cold. In reality, it is to apply to the large zones a machine that generates a negative temperature, to eliminate fat. We will talk about this method in a little more detail in our guide.

What Is The Principle Of Cool Sculpting?

Do you want to discover a little more in-depth this new slimming method?

The cool sculpting, you’ll understand, aims to eliminate fat cells thanks to the cold.

Following extensive research and experiments, researchers found that, in the presence of negative temperature, fat cells “explode” and were eliminated from the body.

So, with the cold, it is entirely possible to get rid of extra beads, and benefit from a redesigned silhouette!

How Does The First Consultation Take Place?

Before going to dangerous things, it is necessary to go through the first consultation with a doctor. Indeed, only health professionals can use a machine of cool sculpting

During the first consultation, you will learn the principle of this slimming method, and you can then perform a balance sheet, as well as a medical examination. Your weight will be taken, and the doctor will also ask you questions about your background

Then, together, you will define the areas to be treated. Hips, for example, belly, arms, or back

How Does A Cool Sculpting Machine Work?

The operation of the cool sculpting machine is straightforward to understand. First, before using it, the doctor will put on you a textile, which will protect your skin. This textile is coated with a gel, which will increase the effects of the machine

The cool sculpting tool consists of an applicator, which will then suck the bead. This will then be subjected to a temperature of -8 degrees

Thanks to the cold, as well as the pressure exerted by the applicator, the bead will be more “brittle.” After a light massage, to disintegrate the fat cells, you will be able to see the results!

And The Results?

In fact, with the cool sculpting, you will be able to benefit from visible results, after a few sessions.

If with the cool sculpting, it is possible to see the results quickly, it is necessary to know however that these will be visible after 3 or 4 sessions

It will take a few months, before finding a nice silhouette without a bead

We strongly suggest you try this method. However, it must be supplemented by a balanced diet, as well as the practice of a regular sports activity.